About Us

Presbyterian Hope in Action, Inc. (PHIA) began in November 2012, when several pastors of Presbyterian churches within New York City gathered to discuss the need for a comprehensive approach for the provision of disaster relief work in the areas of the city affected by Superstorm Sandy.


A Board of Directors formed in late 2012, consisting of a diverse group of lay leaders and clergy from congregations across all five boroughs that would assist in organizing this new entity.

In early 2013, the Board of Directors confirmed their intention to create a systematic approach for providing both immediate and long-term assistance, believing that the task of reclamation will take years, not weeks and months.  To respond to the many requests from volunteer and church groups across the country wanting to travel to New York and participate in the rebuilding efforts, PHIA began the process of creating an infrastructure for receiving groups and providing both housing/hospitality and a meaningful work experience.