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Disaster Recovery Requires Commitment

PHIA’s commitment to support New York City residents affected by Superstorm Sandy restore their lives physically, spiritually and emotionally through their long term recovery.

True recovery is a holistic endeavor involving more that just physical reconstruction . . . recovery requires renewing relationships and building new relationships.

PHIA has remained committed to Superstorm Sandy efforts when more than 20 rebuild organizations closed their Sandy recovery efforts in 2015.

Disaster Recovery Requires Trust

Disaster recovery requires trust built when disaster impacted individuals experiencing care and support through a web of relationships — from neighbors to volunteers, from friends and family to distant community members — all of whom take time to be present in impacted neighborhoods.

Trust requires that promises are kept and tangible improvements happen in the lives of disaster impacted communities — Communities all to often forgotten when media frenzy stops covering “the story” of the disaster.

PHIA is continuing to recruit volunteers for rebuild efforts and facilitating city–wide planning to retain support for volunteer rebuild efforts through 2016.

Disaster Recovery Requires Vision

Recovery is more than a return to what was. Recovery requires that we work together with neighborhoods to envision what will bring resilience to communities as we face future storms.

Issues such as climate change, affordable and safe housing, along with struggles to retain the character and diversity of New York City neighborhoods’ are converging priorities that must be addressed through Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts.

PHIA is joining other New York City agencies and community–led groups to advocate for Superstorm Sandy recovery that addresses the needs of people who have the least economic resources.

PHIA is committed to seeing this recovery through to completion. We’re in this for the long haul.